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Is Outsourcing SEO Offshore a Good Business Decision?


As a practical alternative to retrenching companies, outsourcing SEO offshore is growing in popularity. Outsourcing SEO to developing countries is a popular option. The most preferred choice for outsourcing SEO is India and the Philippines. It is not surprising, considering that both countries are home to a large supply of highly skilled workers in the field.

Unfortunately, the number of projects offered by western SEO companies has declined significantly, thereby crippling their operations. While the reverse happens in the east, western SEO companies are forced to close their doors. Some western SEO companies began to criticize the quality of SEO services offered by offshore companies. While their sentiments may be understandable to a certain extent, you’ll see how selfish they are if you really pay attention to their logic.

Offshore Search Engine Optimization Service Equals Poor Quality

This is the most common attack western SEO companies will make. This is true in the west as well. Let me just say that not all offshore SEO firms deliver poor services, and not all west SEO companies are reliable.

Offshore SEO companies actually perform better than their western counterparts. SEO in the west is mostly a home-based, part-time job. SEOs in India and the Philippines work full-time at an office that specializes in SEO. They aren’t just housewives who have had little SEO training, but highly-skilled professionals with extensive SEO knowledge that they have acquired through intensive trainings.

SEO professionals in the Philippines need to be at the top of their game. To be able to compete with their peers, they attend a lot of seminars, trainings and workshops. This is why many of them also have other skills such as web design, programming, and graphic design. If they want to stay in their jobs, this is essential. Why? Because there is intense competition. Although there are many skilled SEOs, only a few positions remain. You are working with the best SEO companies in India and Philippines.

Language Barrier

Language is a major challenge for SEO companies in India and the Philippines. Their clients are mostly from the US, UK and Canada so they must use English in their SEO campaigns. You would expect grammar problems since English is not their first language. This is not true for all offshore businesses. Many SEO companies in India and the Philippines have professional writers to help them with their content requirements. To ensure accuracy in grammar, some western companies may provide their own content for SEO companies.

It is absurd to think that companies in India and the Philippines don’t have a grasp of your goals and priorities. To understand how businesses work, you don’t have to speak English. Your ability to understand the English language is not necessary for proper alignment of your SEO strategies in order to meet your client’s goals.


Cost-cutting is the main selling point of SEO outsourcing offshore companies. Because offshore companies generally operate at a lower cost, this is possible. The salaries of employees are almost three times that of American SEOs. Is it really so meager?

It is unfair to compare two professionals from different countries based only on their salaries without considering their standard of living. It is also absurd to say that Indian SEOs are exploited simply because they get a quarter the salary of an American SEO. India’s cost of living is lower than the US. This means that even though their salaries are less, their purchasing power makes up for the difference.


There are many misconceptions regarding offshore SEO companies. There are many problems that can be attributed to offshore SEO companies. The outcome of your SEO campaign does not depend on whether your SEO was outsourced offshore. It is more about how you choose your SEO company. We conclude that outsourcing SEO offshore is a good decision. In fact, it can bring many benefits to your business.

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